The Manchester Chambers

Purpose made, multi-roomed Manchester BDSM dungeon.

Premier North West play-space of choice for both professionals

and personal BDSM practitioners alike! All-welcome.


The Art of Female Domination!


The Manchester Chambers


An articulate and well-educated English rose with blue eyes, porcelain skin and long blond hair. I will have you on your knees begging to worship me in absolute pleasure at my instruction.

Call me

07384 267289

Many of you filthy boys know and have met me before, but for those of you that haven’t, I’m a resident femdom at the Manchester Chambers and think it is about time you found out more about me


I’m aged 22 and have been doing this in my personal life since age 16, and professionally from age 19.


I have honed many skills which I am proud of, but if I had to pick one … it would have to be that once I’ve fucked a man up the ass, he always comes back for more! It’s something I am very good at after lots of enthusiastic practice


I have several dominant styles which I slip in and out of naturally depending on how our dynamic is (for an instant, a sissy little quivering maid on his knees will probably bring out my cruel and sadistic side with a lot of verbal humiliation!) but my primary style is to be sensually controlling. I like to fuck with a subbies head which I find works best when the sub is aroused, and I like to do this by using a sensual blend of cruelty and care in my sessions.


One of the things I find most exciting about my  job is the range and depth of perversions. It’s like a cake shop and you slaves are all different desserts for me! I have never in my three years working professionally found anything ‘weird’ in a negative way. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen, but it hasn’t yet…


Do you always work out of the dungeon?

I do almost all my work from the dungeon and love it this way. It’s a beautiful venue with all kinds of wicked toys and sets a great atmosphere.


How can I impress you?

Be clear on your desires and perversions when you email me, pay the deposit promptly and arrive at the session on time. Read my website carefully and be ready for your mind to get blown away when we meet


SMS contact permitted

for my existing subsmissives ONLY



Advanced bookings only via Email or Phone

All pre-booked sessions will take place at

The Manchester Chambers

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Mistress Myra

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